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DRIVE Wireless Network

SkyPacket Networks provides fast, reliable internet service directly to residential and commercial customers using the DRIVE Wireless Network.

Skypacket on the DRIVE Network


The DRIVE Wireless Broadband Network delivers reliable, high-speed internet to residences and businesses through DRIVE’s Internet Service Provider partner, SkyPacket Networks.

How do I get Internet Service?

Contact SkyPacket Networks directly to discuss your options and sign up for service. Follow this link or click on the SkyPacket logo to learn more on their website!


Contact SkyPacket Networks directly at
(800) 214-9060 or info@skypacket.net to sign up for internet service today! Click here to learn more!

How does the Network work?

The DRIVE network is based on terrestrial fixed wireless technology, linking your residence or business to a microwave radio on a nearby tower or other elevated distribution point.

How did the network start?

The DRIVE network began in 2018 as a pilot project in Montour County to develop an affordable broadband solution for underserved portions of the region, especially rural areas. The pilot network was funded by a loan from Geisinger and has grown into a fully functional network.

The network has since been expanded to serve customers in other portions of DRIVE’s service area, supporting residential, business, and government customers.

How did the expansion effort happen?

The Commissioners of DRIVE’s five member-counties provided CARES Act funding to support the expansion of reliable broadband service across portions of the region. DRIVE’s network expansion provides significant growth in broadband coverage across underserved portions of our counties.

Is service available in my area?

To find out if service is available at your location, please contact SkyPacket directly. They will verify coverage availability and answer your questions!

About the Network

Led by DRIVE, the network operates through a public-private partnership where DRIVE maintains and operates the network infrastructure and private ISPs serve customers through the DRIVE network.

  • The Network is fed by a fiber optic internet backbone
  • The Network uses wireless line-of-sight and non line-of-sight technology to connect network infrastructure (tower locations) to customer locations
  • The DRIVE Network will be monitored 24/7 to ensure network reliability

Please see DRIVE Network Legal Notices for complete terms and conditions.