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Our Communities

Welcome to Columbia and Montour Counties! We’re known for our rural beauty and progressive communities. Discover why so many people are attracted to our area through work and recreational opportunities and what keeps them here enjoying a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Area Overview

Columbia and Montour Counties offer their residents a unique environment. The landscape is comprised of wonderful river valleys with three major communities nestled along their banks. Rolling hills, farmlands, rural communities, forests, state parks and gamelands make up the rest. Beautiful river front parks, rails-to-trails for walking and biking, high-caliber races for runners, bikers, kayakers, and downtown revitalizations are just a few examples of the excitement happening within the area. For those who occasionally crave the glow of big city lights, Philadelphia, and New York are only a few hours away. Columbia and Montour Counties are located along Interstate 80, and are within minutes of connecting with interstate 81.

(*) The above is an excerpt from Columbia-Montour Chamber Quality of Life brochure.  You can download the Quality Living – online brochure here.

Our Communities:


  • Founded in 1792
  • Population 4,722
  • Median Age 36
  • Leading Industry – Health Care


  • Founded in 1802
  • Population 14,699 including 6,552 full-time college students
  • Median Age 22
  • Leading Industries – Education, health care


  • Founded in 1786
  • Population 10,477
  • Median Age 40
  • Leading Industry – Manufacturing