Northumberland County is requesting information on any COVID related expenses that municipalities or organizations have incurred since March 1st 2020, or expect to be incurred prior to December 30th, 2020.

The County will use this information to plan how to best use COVID-19 County Relief Block Grant funds. The CRBG funds may be used to assist in recouping these financial hardships. The information provided will help establish the level of need throughout the county.

Municipal and community officials are asked to reply to the initial assessment request no later than august 24th, 2020. Questions should be directed to Justin Skavery, Planning Coordinator at or (570) 988-4220 or Gerald Zeigler, SEDA-COG Program Analyst at or (570) 524-4491 ext. 7218.

Northumberland County COVID-19 County Relief Block Grant Initial Needs Assessment Form